Rahul Dravid, of course not. I am not here to talk about him. Sorry to disappoint die hard fans of Pink Floyd, its not about the famous album and the WALL in front of you is of course not in question :).

This has got something to do with Mobile Web, which is more exciting than cricket matches :P. Moreover, its can easily overpower Pink Floyd or for that matter Floyd-Beer combo in terms of intoxication. No wonder mobile web has managed to find place in my blogspot!!

Designing a wap site which can be rendered on majority of handsets is still a tricky problem. The reason behind this is very simple, several mobile devices hit market every week each having different screen sizes, browser, supported markup language etc… The problem gets further aggravated due to different implementation of markup languages. Not to forget each markup language comes in different versions!! This boils down to the fact that one cannot create wap site and hope to render it on different mobile device without any glitches.Developing wap pages for each device or each genre of device is of course foolish.

If you appreciate the problem I am sure you will certainly have high regards for WURFL and its founders. To those who are unaware of it, least I can say is, this is repository of more than 7000 devices and their capabilities.It can give you information about 400 capabilities of a device based on User Agent, which can be extracted from the http header.

WALL is another killer product from the group which based on user agent modifies a wap page so that it looks good. The process is very simple but by no means effort of Luca and Andrea can be undermined, in fact its the other way round its because of their toil, life has become simpler for developers like us. It extracts user agent and based on it finds device capabilities which results in transformation of wap page in appropriate markup language. The result is happy end user.

Hats off to WURFL!!!

P.S. The much awaited iPhone will be launched in USA few hours from now but we Indians will have to wait for one more year 🙁

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