HSBC Credit Card Sucks!

Few reasons why HSBC Credit cards sucks..

They never send statement with transaction details.All it contains is numbers Guess all their software can do is addition and fails to recognize words :P. Boss you could have requested me, i would have written a small “C” program for you 😀

They have stupidest customer care department who refuses to update address if pin code is not provided.Or the address gets updated after 3 months in absence of pin code (read below)

Three months later they sent statement (with only numbers :P) at the aforementioned address, with “pin code”. Believe, it took three months for them to figure it out :P.

One fine day someone called up saying that they finally managed to trace me. I don’t know which route they followed. According to me a quick search in their database would have done the job.

Few days later one finds a LEGAL NOTICE from Jus Juris (legal advisor to HSBC). A copy of same was marked to my permanent address (with PIN code missing). I presume it took 1 long year for their search engine to find that out.

When I replied to the aforementioned mail with concerns and proofs, no body dared to reply back. Dude, get your facts right before sending “Legal Notice”

After few more months someone called up saying that they want settlement, to which one said YES and the D-Day was decided. But no body turned up on the day. One more reason why they suck.

On a later day someone turned from HSBC to collect the cheque and in return handed over settlement letter. Not to my surprise, the guy misplaced the cheque, bloody suckers

Few weeks passed, they called me to beg for cheque and I obviously obliged.

And today, I got the the same bill with some numbers and no details.Guess they are still stuck to the age old software which cannot recognize English alphabets.

One quick suggestion, stop bugging me!

795 thoughts on “HSBC Credit Card Sucks!

  1. nitesh

    yes they suck that’s why i got is closed and tore away my HSBC credit card
    you can also do the same and get a new one from a new bank

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  11. Marcelo

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  12. Bertie

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  13. Larry

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  14. Virgil

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  17. Rayna

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  19. Ashlie

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  20. Louis

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  22. Marshall

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  23. Brian

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    In Florida, which has one of the highest shares of uninsured Americans, navigators will sit with enrollees and guide them through the process, said Lean Barber-Heinz, interim executive director of Florida CHAIN, a consumer health care advocacy group. Florida CHAIN, for instance, is holding an enrollment fair on Saturday, Oct. 5 at a St. Joseph’s Hospital in Tampa, where navigators will be on hand to help people both with the technology and with understanding the choices they have.

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    Walt had been trying to morph back into his former self for some time now. It was evident in his choice of language – faced with Skyler’s (Anna Gunn) suggestion in a previous episode that they would have to “deal” with the Jesse Pinkman problem, he had said, “We all need to take a deep breath and calm down.” Here, with Hank dead and having given up Jesse to whatever Todd had in store for him, he returned to the family home and tried to pack suitcases for all. When Skyler and Walt Jr returned home, he told them, “The priority right now is to pack.”

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    Wolman predicts, first, that creditors, including the IMFcould grow kinder to Ukraine after the expected Nov 28 signingof political and trade deals with the EU. Second, he expectsthat billions of dollars in outstanding loans and trade linkswill dissuade Russia from pushing Ukraine into bankruptcy.

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    On this week’s Daily News Fifth Yankees Podcast, Mark Feinsand sits down with Yankees hitting coach Kevin Long to break down what has gone right for the Bombers’ offense in recent weeks and what needs to happen for the Yankees to get to the postseason.

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    “He spoke very openly about a whole range of things, a number of which I won’t get into here, but it certainly didn’t involve any kind of manipulation by the Russian government or anyone else for that matter,” said Radack, a former Justice Department adviser now with the Government Accountability Project. “He definitely is his own person and makes his own decisions and says and does what he wants to.”

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    U.S. District Judge Katherine Forrest in Manhattan overruled an objection from Tourre’s lawyers that the email, which was a personal note sent to his girlfriend, was irrelevant to the case. In a written order, Forrest said the ruling was preliminary and could still change in the future.

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    Authorities in the former Yugoslav republic banned the march for the past two years after the 2010 violence, but face pressure from the West to allow this year’s event ahead of the expected start of European Union accession talks in January.

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    In contrast, a whole life policy is meant to protect you for the duration of your life. In addition, a whole life policy has what’s known as a cash value. This means that some of the money you pay into the policy every month is saved or invested, so you’re able to cash it out or borrow against it if you’d like.

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    The emblem on the grille of the new Aston Martin Cygnet car is displayed on the exhibition stand of Aston Martin during the first media day of the 80th Geneva Car Show at the Palexpo in Geneva March 2, 2010.

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    Instead he has Alexander, a name taken by Scottish kings. And if Louis is a French patron saint and kingly name, everyone knows that the newborn Prince, like his father, has been given it in memory of Earl Mountbatten of Burma, the Duke of Edinburgh’s uncle and the Queen’s second cousin once removed (murdered by the IRA in 1979). But isn’t George still perhaps too English a name for a future king? “St George he was for England. /And before he killed the dragon / He drank a pint of English ale / Out of an English flagon,” wrote Chesterton with bravura.

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    IPCC sources said that they believed the decision to change the report had come only after it was submitted to the chief constables concerned for approval. A spokesman for West Mercia police who led the investigation said it had received Ms Glass’s letter but refused to comment on it.

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    Such restrictions might cut vehicle sales by 400,000 units, or 2 percent of total domestic sales, and have a “certain impact” on the country’s economic growth, the China Daily newspaper quoted Shi as saying.

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    “But our boats are getting long in the tooth so we are always looking at developments in the multihull world. Listening to feedback from the sailors, the Extreme 40 boat is suited to what it does though we don’t want to be perceived as falling behind so we are ways looking at ways of either updating or replacing the boats.

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    In the past, viewers have made clear that, although pre-prepared subtitling is generally of good quality, the quality of live subtitles is often poor. In particular, the speed, accuracy and synchronisation (or latency) of live subtitles.

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    Charles and Diana waited around a week before announcing their son would be called William, Prince Andrew and Fergie took two weeks over Princess Beatrice and the Queen took a whole before giving Prince Charles his name.

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    Worldwide shipments of Canon’s interchangeable-lens cameras fell 6.7 percent in the first six months of this year, a sharper decline than the industry average of 5 percent, according to International Data Corp (IDC).

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    The miners are weary of speaking to the media but tell me that there are tensions in this small community – at the heart of which is a rivalry between the National Mineworkers Union (NUM), which is allied to the ANC, and the newly formed Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union (Amcu).

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    The runs in the sixth came courtesy of RBI singles by Gardner and Cano, but there was potential for more. Cano’s two-out hit brought up Lyle Overbay with the bases loaded and only one out. But lefty Craig Breslow got him to hit into an inning-ending 6-4-3 double play. 

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    The experiments could help determine the role genetics plays in health problems observed in astronauts spending long periods in low gravity, including loss of bone and muscle mass and vision issues, plus an increased risk of cancer from cosmic radiation and sleep problems, the space agency said.

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    Those with a 5 per cent deposit can borrow up to 20 per cent of the value of a new home from the Government in the form of a loan that is interest–free for the first five years. The remainder is funded through a mortgage via one of the participating lenders, such as Nationwide, Woolwich, Halifax or NatWest. Most offer specific Help to Buy mortgages, though Nationwide allows access to its usual product range.

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    EIA forecast Henry Hub natural gas prices GT-HH-IDX in2013 to average $3.71 per million British thermal units, up 3cents from its September estimate of $3.68 and 35 percent above2012’s estimated average of $2.75.

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    Barred owls are native to the East Coast and were driven west by human development starting in the 1900s. They are said to have reached the West Coast by the 1970s and their numbers have multiplied since then. In some areas the barred owl outnumbers the northern spotted owl by 5-to-1.

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    According to the gossip site, the 32-year-old “Veronica Mars” actress and her actor-beau were merely going to the office to get their marriage license but a court employee offered to marry them right then and there — and the couple went for it.

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