Charisma of Cinema

Charisma of Cinema!

What is your first memory of a movie theatre? Watching an animated film or movie “meant” for children? The first movie I watched was 100 Days – a psychological thriller, wherein the lead of the movie was a serial killer. He would kill his love interests and would seal them into the wall. Not the kind of movie you would watch at the tender age of 6!

As if this wasn’t enough, the second movie I watched at the theatres was Darr: A Violent Love Story – again a psychological thriller wherein an obsessive lover chases her love interest from their university days till the time she gets married and until the time he gets killed. I was 8 then!

Not very sure if it was my parents’ subtle attempt to deter me from watching movies and concentrate on studies or encourage me to become an obsessive lover. The latter seems a bit unlikely as I graduated as an engineer. The former didn’t happen either. On the contrary, my passion for movies increased many folds!

I entered into teens and started watching movies all alone. My dad would drop me to theatres and pick me up after the show. Some of the illustrious movies that I watched during that phase include Khiladiyon ka Khiladi and Daud:Fun on the Run. These movies and the sensuous actresses in them are pretty much the reason I was an adult much before I turned 18!

And when I actually turned 18, the genres of movies changed a bit. You know the kind of movies you have to watch alone and very limited dialogues. No wonder I don’t remember the names of the movies I watched then 😉

By the time I had graduated as an engineer, watching movies had become an OCD. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, that is. On every Friday while most of my friends would hit a pub or go for a drive, I would straightway go to the movie theatres from work. It was my biggest stress buster!

At the age of 25, I had unlocked a new level and started watching every movie that came my way. This includes the movie called Saas, Bahu Aur Sensex – the movie I watched all alone in the theatre. It was a premier screening much after the movie was released and was all set to become a super-duper flop! And then there was this legendary movie called Ek Aadat (for which there is no information even on IMDB), which I watched along with two other people in the hall. The first one being my friend and other one being the friend of the producer who was given the task to ensure that the shows of the movie shouldn’t be cancelled in any theatre. Apparently, by then theatres had the right to cancel movie if less than 4 people turned up. The poor friend of the producer had to buy tickets!

Somewhere between the time I became an adult and watched movies like Ek Aadat, there was a time when I would go to theatres (but not necessarily watch movies) with girlfriends. When I say girlfriends, I don’t imply that I had multiple girlfriends at any given time. However, I had multiple girlfriends but not at the same time. Not, strangely enough, I have hardly any memories of the movies I “watched” during that phase of my life 😉

I am little over 30 now and the charisma of cinema hasn’t dwindled a bit. However, I am a bit selective now. Of late I don’t just choose movies that I watch but also the theatre I visit. Some of the cheap thrills include watching Salman Khan movies in shady theatres, wherein you get to hear everything but the dialogues!

The next level, of course, is to watch movies in the language that I don’t understand and that too without subtitles. However, the only risk is that one might laugh when the movie is trying to evoke sadness. This gets riskier when you are watching movie of the likes of Rajnikanth. I am signing-off with the hope that I would take this risk sooner than later!

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