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The unofficial-official trip to coastal Konkan

We started on much-hyped Friday the 13th but the only negative impact of the dreaded day was positive, a positive change in my weight. Thanks to my friends who were thoughtful enough to buy beer, vodka, wine, whisky, redbull but forgot to get diet-pepsi. But then I am sure substantial… Read more »

Mumbai stint: In retrospect

Exactly two years back, on November 12, 2007 I moved to Mumbai (from Noida) and joined Kotak Life Insurance. This transition from software developer to Business Analyst ( and from Delhiite..OKAY Noidaite to Mumbaikar :D) was facilitated by my school-time friend, Amogh Dikshit, who did “this” to me for 12,000… Read more »

Tum bechne main interested nahin lagte ho …

Not surprisingly this sounds very similar to arguably the most famous dialogue from movie Haasil “Tum Election jeetne main interested nai lagte ho. Sirf issi ladki ka vote mil jaaye yahi kaafi hai tumhare liye”. Last week I visited all famous and not-so-famous electronics showrooms (in vicinity of course :-))… Read more »